Being Thin Enough

Models and actors have long dealt with the fact that the camera seems to add additional weight to their body. They may spend long hours in the gym to work off the excess, and they may be lucky enough to secure work. Some will go to extreme measures to achieve their goal. The issue today is that those seeking a beautiful body may believe the pictures they see are normal. It may cause viewers to go to their own extremes to achieve an unrealistic goal.

Beauty is not an easily defined metric, and that can be one of the issues. Each person has their own measure of what makes their body perfect. Some may feel they need to lose weight even if they are currently at their ideal weight as defined by modern medical and scientific standards. Weighing less than the ideal can be dangerous.

Extreme dieting is just part of what many young women may choose as their current lifestyle. They may see it as nothing more than a way to be popular or pretty, but it can also be a psychological control issue. Extreme dieting is not recommended for anyone without a need for immediate and extreme weight loss. It should be monitored by a physician, and the goals should be clear to the patient.

Dieting to reach the perfect body goals of many can be dangerous as they skip meals, eat foods that may not provide their body with enough nutrition, or they may go a step further and refuse to eat at all. All of these conditions may require the assistance of a trained mental health professionals to stop the process before the body is no longer able to function.