Our girls’ day out had finally arrived… at silly o’clock! But we didn’t care, we’d been looking forward to this day for weeks, nay months. The last time we managed a proper get together, was back in March, so this was long overdue! That’s the thing with women, we lead such busy lives that there’s hardly any time to get a catch up. But when you do, you truly value your time together and your friendship.

We watch the sensible adult in us float out the window, we forget our daily chores and routines for a few hours / a day / a weekend (I salute you if you manage to get a weekend away…) and we become a renewed version of ourselves; excitable, giddy, happy, probably tired and sometimes, slightly inebriated by the end of the day (please note I’m not advocating the consumption of alcohol as necessary to have a good time!).

It was during the summer, after a suggestion to catch up locally over an afternoon tea of sorts, that we booked flights for a day out in London! We’d decided that it would be just as cheap to go to London as it would be to go out in town and it most definitely was.

After an early bed the night before and sleeping in our clothes 😉 our day started roughly at 04:15hrs. First pickup of the day was at 05:00hrs and by 05:50hrs we were all checked in and grabbing a much-needed cup of caffeine.

Even better, our flight was on time and we were off! We arrived at Gatwick and headed for our trains (NB. normally, we would use the Gatwick Express, but as it wasn’t in operation this weekend, we used the regular trains, which took us a little longer than anticipated…) and headed for the city centre.

We had a fabulous day, compiled mostly of food, drinks and laughter and a good girly catch up! Breakfast set us up for the day, some of us were very hangry; I recall the words ‘knawing my hands off…’ at one point 😉 but in fairness, this wasn’t the best use of our time. Tip: grab your breakfast on the go, at the airport, on the train, at a fast food joint or similar – you only need something quick to fuel your day, so make the most of your time and don’t sit down for breakfast.

We started with a good wander around Liberty’s of London, which was followed by a quick pit stop for cocktails at Jin Juu (we had the most delicious and refreshing gin and grapefruit based cocktail called a Jin-Gem).  Grudgingly, we left Jin Juu to mosey around a few more shops, including Choccywoccydoodaa and the Cowshed (one of my favourites), before heading to Gordon Ramsay’s Heddon Street Kitchens for a fabulous lunch.

Before we knew it, it was 4pm and time to start thinking about heading home 🙁 we had plenty time (or so we thought…) and we’d stop for another cocktail en route to Victoria, before catching our trains back to Gatwick. However, time didn’t permit another cocktail, perhaps that’s a good thing. In short, the trains were delayed… it took us 2 hours to get from Victoria to Gatwick. So no more cocktails or shops for us!

But in those 2 hours, I think we had the most giggles. We nervously hopped from platform to platform, underground and over ground and chatted to strangers, one of whom shared their app with us (thank you!), with live updates of expected arrival and departure times (believe me, every minute counts). And thanks to the rain, some of us came home with new hairstyles! We also met two lovely ladies from Brighton who offered to put us up for the night if we missed our flight 🙂

Once we reached Gatwick, we ran. Picture an image of the Grand Prix in your mind – a circular track of racing cars, flags and supporters – this is how Duty Free at Gatwick looked and felt on Saturday afternoon! The floor was just a blur of black and silver, going round and round, staff stepping out of the way quickly with the odd cheer for us to get there on time! Babs was in pole position throughout whilst one of us tried to delay the process even further (guilty as charged) – passenger not identified…

But by the skin of our teeth we made that flight. Hot, flustered and thirsty, followed by a sudden bout of exhaustion! The G&T’s we had promised ourselves on the flight home soon turned into a soft drink to quench our thirst, followed by a quick catnap before landing back in Inverness.

We had the best day. Some thought we were crazy, going to London just for a day. But the whole point of our trip was not to go shopping, nor sightseeing, not even for a foodie experience. It was a girl’s day out, a chance for us to get together, to do something different and get a proper catch up. Which we did!

The laughs and the memories we shared from that day, including the mad plane rush, will stay with us forever and that my friends, is what life is all about; creating moments to cherish and memories that will leave footprints on your heart for a lifetime.

Until the next time! xx


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