Advent calendars… the real countdown to Christmas begins.  You’ve searched high and low for just the right calendar(s) and you feel good. It’s all part of the magic of Christmas, isn’t it? The excitement of opening the little box and unveiling some secret delight! Oooh, it’s another chocolate/gin/toy/makeup/insert your own… “I’ll remember this forever…”

At a time of year when there is so much going on, when ‘stuff’ is high on everyone’s list and stress levels reach a new high, let’s try something a little different, which costs next to nothing, yet could mean the world to someone, even you! Give the gift of friendship and time this advent and celebrate Christmas knowing that you have made someone’s day; you may even create lasting memories.

Get The Girls Together invites you to take part in an advent calendar challenge, by doing something every day that celebrates friendship and gives back some precious, yet often elusive, time. Whether it’s for you (we need to be friends first with ourselves, as well as others) because you deserve it, a friend, a work colleague or family member, take the time to celebrate this season with your favourites.

So how does it work? All we ask is that you step away (even just temporarily) from stuff, put the Christmas frenzy on hold and make time for you and your friends. Without them, where would you be? There is a well-known saying which implies that the only therapy we need is our friends… so be that gift of friendship and time this December.

You can follow our daily posts and challenges here on this blog post, on Facebook and on Twitter, starting Friday 1st December! I’d love to know how you get on! Tag your friends / family, share your progress and tell us what you did each day. Get others involved and let’s spread more joy and happiness this Christmas.  It’s not just what you do; it’s who you do it with…


Happy 1st Day of Advent!

  1. It’s an easy one to start… call up a friend or family member on the ‘phone and speak to each other, real-time! No group chats, no texting, no apps, just good old fashioned talking. Even if all you’ve got is 5 minutes, it could make all the difference to someone’s day. #givethegiftoffriendshipandtime
  2. One just for you today! What do you do for you? Today I want you to treat yourself to a bunch of flowers, or a box of chocolates, or your favourite beauty product, or lunch out – whatever your treat is, do it today! And send us a picture! #givethegiftoffriendshipandtime
  3. Send a handwritten note to someone today. It can be anyone. You may have seen them yesterday or last year, it doesn’t matter. There’s still nothing quite like a handwritten note delivered by post, it shows someone that you’re thinking about them. #givethegiftoffriendshipandtime
  4. Get in touch with a friend and arrange to meet them for coffee, ideally today, I don’t want you having the chance to cancel at a later date! Take an hour out of your day, or in your lunch break and catch up with your friend(s). It doesn’t have to be fancy schmancy, this is about catching up – not the coffee. Although if you find great cake, please share 😉 #givethegiftoffriendshipandtime
  5. Is there community carol singing coming up near you? Grab a friend and make a point of going. If not today, find out when and commit today, to going soon. Who will you take with you? Even if it’s taking you out of your comfort zone, just do it! You may even enjoy it! There’s usually a wee glass of mulled wine too 😉 You never know what memories you will take away from it. Share the moment with friends. #givethegiftoffriendshipandtime
  6. Make a ‘friends’ album of your favourite photos. Dig out old pics of you and your friends, where were you, what were you doing, how long ago? How does it feel to look through those photos and reminisce? Makes you want to get together again, doesn’t it..? Share your favourite picture with us. #givethegiftoffriendshipandtime
  7. Volunteer! Can you help out this Christmas? Grab a friend and go together – that way you’re sharing the time with someone close but you’re also giving double the assistance to whoever you are helping out, it’s a win-win situation. Besides, you’ll feel better for doing it and you’ll also be making someone else’s day better. Remember, it’s the little things that matter. If you can’t do it today, set it up today, for another time. And commit to going. Tell us who you will be supporting and maybe you’ll encourage others to get involved. Great oaks from little acorns grow… #givethegiftoffriendshipandtime
  8. You can do this one alone, or bring a friend, the choice is yours! Head into your nearest town, wander round the shops and soak up the atmosphere, find your festive spirit! Don’t go with a list of presents to buy or food to get in, do this for you. People watch, eat out, admire the decorations, go to the beauty counters and pick up some freebies or even better, a mini makeover/treatment. Sit down and smell the cinnamon. Buy a Secret Santa (no more than £5) for you and pop it under the tree later on. Tell us what you got up to! #givethegiftoffriendshipandtime 
  9. Today, I want you to plan a January catch up with friends. Once the festivities are all over, January can be a long, quiet month. Break it up with a planned catch up – doing anything you want – but you must set a date and stick to it. This way you’ll have something to look forward to during the January slump 😉 Tell us what date you’re meeting up and where or what you’ll be doing. #givethegiftoffriendshipandtime

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