In the run up to February 14th, we are bombarded with love hearts, chocolates, red roses and all kinds of romantic gestures, signalling this one day of the year which represents love. But does it really? Shouldn’t love be all around us, all year long? Is love and all that it encompasses (even the heavily marketed merchandise), only applicable to couples? I don’t believe it is. Valentines’ Day isn’t just for lovers…

Back in high school days, I remember buying into the hype that is Valentine’s’ Day, searching for the biggest and most padded card I could find (it was the eighties…). Spending hours writing little love ditties that would fill the entire card, in colour and each and every verse was surrounded by a border of red love hearts, each one intricately drawn and coloured in. Lastly, it was the turn of the envelope, not one little space would be left out!

Once delivered to your intended, there was a feeling of satisfaction, of delight in the time and effort that went into that card, ever hopeful that his feelings might be reciprocated. Sometimes they were, sometimes they weren’t, c’est la vie… but it was fun to do, a simple gesture which made another person feel good in some way. In its simplest form, Valentine’s is just a way of telling another person that you care. And that, in my book, applies to anyone and everyone. Affection and feelings which extend beyond lovers, to close friends and family too.

So no matter how you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, 14th February offers a perfect opportunity to let our nearest and dearest friends know just how much they mean to us. It’s a chance to nurture friendships, to reconnect and a time to remind them that they are loved.

Here are just a few ways you can remind your friends how important they are to you…

  1. Say it with words! No fancy love hearts required, just a little note, a simple text, an e-mail if you’re at work (do it on your lunch break…), or even a card. Writing a letter is a forgotten art, send it via the postman.
  2. In the crazy world of social media, look up your favourite photos of amazing times you have spent together, tag her, share it and tell her how happy you are that you are still friends.
  3. Give her the gift of time. Make a date, plan ahead and really make an effort. We live such busy lives, sometimes it’s too easy to forget to catch up. It doesn’t have to be adrenaline-induced, something as simple as a catch up over coffee and cake or a night at the bingo will do! I promise you, it will be great (I recommend at least once a month).
  4. Plan a girl’s getaway. It gives you something to look forward to, to get excited about. If you can manage a weekend, it gives you lots of uninterrupted time to chill out, chat, laugh and have fun. Time to make new memories.
  5. Do something together. Maybe you can both read the same book and discuss it afterwards, or take up a dance class to inspire and motivate each other. Sometimes just getting an hour or so to air our feelings about life in general can work wonders!
  6. Just tell her you care and you’re always there. Great friendships last a lifetime, no matter how often you see each other.

And if you find you are stuck for ideas, need some inspiration, perhaps you want some help or some ready-made events to go to, just get in touch!

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